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Everyone has talents. You too! What would you like to develop in? Whether you are a student, starter, young professional or more experienced. Together with you we will look for the opportunities.

Our goal is to offer you a solid base from which you can further develop yourself and your skills. With suitable work we make your life easier and more challenging. So that you can realize your ambitions. We believe in you, make your own plans and grab your chance.

Weworkz helps you achieve these goals!

Are you a student?

Your studies, the books, those trendy clothes, the nights out and the trains at the club.

Student life/life is expensive. Are you a student or just need some quick cash to pop back in?
Then get to work! At Weworkz you will be working within a day. No long-winded application period, no waiting for that mail, just contact via WhatsApp. Will you stop by today?

Our door is always open to everyone.

Take your chance!

Getting started right away? Check out our vacancies here and give us a call. Even if there isn't something for you right away.

You don't do it alone

That you enjoy your work, feel comfortable and can develop yourself. That is the most important thing for us. That is why you can always count on us. Not only for finding the best match with an employer, but also for the guidance you need. In all the necessary paperwork, but also in the contacts with your supervisor or in the search for suitable training and courses. We are there for you, from A to Z. So that you enjoy going to work and go home with a smile.